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Handling Patent Applications for Clients in the USA

Ade & Company Inc. has been in business in preparing, filing and prosecuting patent applications in Canada and USA for over 75 years and acts on patent matters for many clients including individuals, small, medium and large companies, Universities and Research Institutions in Canada, in the United States and other countries.

In its ongoing effort to obtain the strongest patents for its clients while handling matters with the most efficiency, Ade & Company Inc. members have strong technical backgrounds and always ensure that the person with the most technical knowledge related to an invention personally handles all preparation and prosecution of the patent application in USA or Canada. In this way, all preparation and prosecution of the application is handled by the same person to avoid potential misunderstandings where additional persons are involved.


With this approach, Ade & Company Inc. regularly obtains effective patent protection in the USA and other countries for its clients, including many US clients, while often avoiding significant costs for preparation and prosecution work by United States Attorneys.

Efficient and Knowledgeable Patent Professionals

Helping You Handle Patent Issues in a Cost-Effective Manner

In part due to the exchange rate between Canada and the USA, our US clients commonly find that our fees are considerably less than corresponding fees from United States Attorneys, thus further reducing total costs of obtaining grant of US Patents for US residents.

For more information relating to costs involved in the process of obtaining grant of patents in Canada, the United States and other countries, please follow our link on Patent Costs or contact us directly for more information.


File a Patent in the USA

We will help you obtain effective patent protection in the USA!

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