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Patent Costs at

Ade & Company Inc.

Our Approach

In our continued efforts to provide the best value for our clients, without compromising on quality, we have adopted several practices to reduce the costs incurred by our clients.


Discounted government fees are  also available for applicants who meet certain critera.  Download our checklist to see if you qualify for the discount on your US patent filings.

Our cost-conscious practices include:

Only one Agent is responsible for your application from start to finish to avoid duplicated efforts and reduce the potential for communication errors that may occur when information is being conveyed through multiple parties.
All Canadian applications, and U.S. applications for Canadian applicants, are filed directly at the Patent Office with no intervening agent so that there is no additional cost for their services and no communication cost. Again, there is the added benefit of avoiding communication errors. Using this arrangement, we have obtained at least 1700 US and at least as many Canadian patents for various clients in the past 25 years.
We tailor our services to the situation of the client so that if suitable, simple provisional applications can be filed at a low cost. In addition, written materials developed by the client can, if available, be used as a base to significantly reduce costs.
We select foreign associates for filing foreign applications based on the same principle of cost efficiency, as opposed to their ability to send us corresponding work, so that we obtain the best work at reasonable cost.
We attend to payment of foreign maintenance fees using an annuity service at a fixed discounted rate, as opposed to using more costly foreign associates to obtain more corresponding work from them.

Exemplary Patent Costs

The following table is an example of the fees that a client might expect at various stages of the patent process for a typical invention of low to moderate complexity. In addition to the complexity of the invention, other factors will affect the actual fees for a particular case, including the availability suitable drawings at the outset of an application, and the number and complexity of issues raised by the Patent Office during the examination. Therefore, these costs are provided as a general guideline only. Please contact us with the details of your situation to obtain a more accurate estimate.

Please contact us with the details of your situation to obtain a more accurate estimate.

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