About us

Ade & Company Inc. was founded in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, and has been in the business of patents for over 60 years, with a long history of serving clients throughout Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and beyond.

The firm, comprised of patent agents, acts on patent matters for many direct clients including individuals, small, medium and large companies, Universities and Research Institutions in all provinces of Canada, in the United States and other countries and in many different fields including agricultural engineering, electronics, mechanical engineering, computer science, bio-technology, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, oil & gas, and chemical engineering.

Because of the firm's vast experience in serving many individuals, and small and medium sized companies, our patent agents always endeavor to match actions to the best needs of the customer. In doing so, we have adopted several practices to ensure the strongest patents for our clients while handling matters with the most efficiency to reduce patent costs for our valued customers.

Please contact Ade & Company Inc. for a free initial consultation with one of our patent agents before proceeding with any patent matter or follow our links to see how Ade & Company can accommodate your patent law needs at reduced cost as compared to many larger patent law firms comprised of intellectual property attorneys and patent lawyers.

While Ade & Company Inc. is a team of Patent Agents focusing on the business of Patents and particularly in the filing and granting of Patents, they have associations with Trademark Agents, and Intellectual Property attorneys and lawyers in Canada, USA and other countries to enable them to provide a full range of Intellectual Property services.

Ade & Company Inc. can be contacted locally by telephone in Winnipeg (204-947-1429), Calgary (403-277-1045), Edmonton (780-443-2559), Saskatoon (306-477-0462), and Regina (306-565-4626), or Toll Free (1-800-997-1170) anywhere in Manitoba, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Northern Ontario, as well as throughout Canada.

News & Updates

  • Amendments to the Canadian Patent Act

    Canadian patent agents are preparing for implementation of amendments to the Canadian Patent Act under Bill C-43, which achieved royal assent in December of 2014. The changes bring the Canadian paten..

  • Decreased U.S. issue fees

    After notable previous increases to nearly all their fees, the U.S. Patent Office is finally providing some relief to the earlier increase of nearly all fees by reducing the issue fee payable to t..

  • Farm Progress Show in Regina, Saskatchewan

    Ade & Company Inc. will have patent agents on hand at the annual Farm Progress Show in Regina, Saskatchewan, which is being held June 19-21 for 2013. Our patent agents look forward to seeing ..

  • Speeding up the patent process - PPH

    A system known as the patent prosecution highway, or PPH, sees more and more connection between the patent offices of different countries, allowing patent agents or applicants to request expedited exa..

  • USA switching to 'first to file'

    The United States, the only country still using the 'first to invent' standard in gauging who is entitled to patent protection for an invention, will be switching to the 'first to file' standard alrea..

  • Canadian Innovation Commercialization Program

    Ade & Company patent agents recently attended a presentation by the federal government concerning a program that supports Canadian businesses with new innovations approaching the commercializa..

  • Commercialization Support for Manitoba Businesses

    The Government of Manitoba has recently announced a new program for supporting product and service commercialization and business development for small and medium sized businesses. Details of the ..

  • Green technologies qualifiy for expedited examination

    The Canadian patent rules have been amended to provide for advanced examination of patent applications relating to green technologies without requiring payment of the normal examination advancemen..